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Hotan/CMC/EMC/CMC-VdeM Copyright Letter of Authorization Model Letter (printable .pdf format)
Note: Notary Public is no longer mandatory.

or Copyright Letter of Authorization (.htm format)

CD/DVD Print Specifications (PDF Format) for Screen Print and Offset 4 color process print

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CMC Replication Services

CMC Magnetics Corp. offers Replication Services at its CMC Hong Kong, CMC Taiwan and Europa Magnetics facilities and presently has more than 60 lines for replicating CD-ROM, Audio CD, VCD, as well as Mini-ROM. CD replication services were added in late 1998, following CMC's success with DVD-ROM, 5, 9 and 10 replication, including extensive work for the major Hollywood studios. Further expansion of replication lines and replication locations is underway for the year 2000. See our Line Card Information for ROM replication, mastering and packaging capabilities.

CMC observes the highest standards for replication, including enhanced quality control procedures and extensive security procedures designed to safeguard the integrity of our customers' proprietary materials. Full state of the art mastering, PMS color screen-printing, and 4 color process offset printing and pit-art capabilities are offered. White or other color flood coats, copper (gold look) targets, actual 24K gold targets are also available. Packaging options including sleeving into PVC or Fully Printed Paper Sleeves with or without a window are also available. Additional packaging alternatives include a highly cost effective program of shipping via air bulk CD’s to CMC's Tijuana Mexico subsidiary, Vigobyte, for packaging into CMC Jewel Cases with inserts. Please ask your Sales Person at Contacts for more information

CMC offers extremely cost effective and fast turnaround times on its replication services due to its sizeable in-house mastering capacity, very large number of installed replication lines, a team of competent customer service and technical personnel and extensive experience in using air-freight. These capabilities give our customers a high quality, cost effective and time sensitive service.

CMC is fully licensed and is listed at the link of Royal Philips NV as a licensed manufacturer. (select product e.g. CD Disc and countries of Taiwan, Hong Kong and United Kingdom to identify CMC Magnetics Corp (Taiwan) , CMC Magnetics (HK) Ltd, and Europa Magnetics (UK), respectively as licensed manufacturers.). CMC is also licensed by DVA.

For a current Replication Services Price and available Feature List call or email your Sales Representative found at Contact Us.

Current formats replicated include:
(click on each type for print specs or Here for index of all print specs)

Standard CD formats in standard 120mm 5'' diameter size including DVD formats in standard 120mm 5'' diameter size including
Mini-ROM formats in 80mm 3.5'' diameter size including
  • CD-ROM (650MB)
  • CD-Audio (74 to 80 mins)
  • VCD (Video CD) (74 mins)
  • CD+G (graphics as used in 'karaoke' players) (up to 74mins)
  • DVD-ROM 4.7GB
  • DVD-5
  • DVD-9
  • DVD-10 (ask your Sales Representative for 'Donut' print specifications for this format)
  • DVD-Audio
  • Mini CD-ROM
  • Mini CD-Audio
  • Mini VCD
  • Mini Web Pages CD
Business Card ROM Shaped CD's
Business Card CD's which are available in 30, 42 or 55MB of 54, 58 or 60mm straight edge height respectively x 80mm, or customized to fit any MB size you require. Based on high precision molded MiniROMS edge CNC precision cut sizes. Click here for chart showing capacity in MB in relation to height in mm.

Rectangular Molded Business Card CD is a full rectangular molded shaped ROM 57.5mm x86 mm (capacity 35MB) or 60mm x 86mm (capacity 50MB) playable in all tray equipped CD players, no groove, for maximum printing surface.

We can via computer controlled laser or die cut both standard 120mm discs and mini 80mm discs into a variety of shapes. Please consult with us regarding feasibility of proposed cut and printing options.

We can custom cut CD's and Mini CD's into a variety of custom shapes using our precision computer controlled laser guided CNC cutting equipment subject only to stability and program size limitations. Sizes we have cut range from triangles to egg shaped to multiple snowflake cuts. Click here for chart showing capacity in MB in relation to height in mm.


For Sales email David Karron