Philips DVD+R Media

Philips DVD+R 4.7Gb 16X 30pk Spindle
Part number: DR4S6B30F/17
UPC Code: 0 26616 02120 8

  • High capacity, portable storage for both digital video and data recording
  • Philips 16X DVD+R media is ideal for sharing and archiving data, home videos, and photos
  • 4.7GB capacity can store up to 2 hours or 133 minutes of high quality video and up to 3 hours of VHS-quality video.
  • 4.7GB discs can store up to as much data as 7 CD’s
  • DVD+R/RW format is backed by some of the most well known companies in the home entertainment and PC industries: Dell, Mitsubishi, Philips, Ricoh, SONY, and Yamaha
  • Philips DVD+R media is read compatible with the vast majority of DVD-ROM drives and set-top DVD video players
  • Can write a full disc in as little as 25 minutes
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